Game and Conduct

There are unfortunately times in hockey that behavioral expectations are not being met. This could include but is not limited to interactions between coach and parent, coach and player, parent to parent, player to player, etc. Wolverines Hockey Association takes the safety of its members very seriously, and as such has developed a conflict resolution program to help guide its members through any situations that may arise. The following is meant as a guideline for the escalation process to be followed when reporting any incident:

  1. Report to parent rep, if not resolved
  2. Parent rep report to manager, if not resolved
  3. Parent rep and manager report to head coach
  4. If still not resolved, parent rep report all evidence to age group coordinator
  5. Age group coordinator reports to Game and Conduct
  6. Game and Conduct investigates and presents resolution
  7. If resolution not accepted, a disciplinary committee is formed and all decisions are final.

Please refer to our Standing Policies and Procedures manual sections 15 and 16 for further information on the conflict resolution process.

In the rare event of an emergency, or that an individual feels uncomfortable in approaching the individuals in the above protocol, Game and Conduct may be contacted directly at:

Ken McClary: