Volunteer of the Year

Wolverines Hockey Club is proud to announce Catherine Pelley as our 2023/2024 Volunteer of the Year!
Catherine has been a key part of the Wolverines family for many years, especially in her role as a manager for her son Ryan’s hockey career. As Ryan graduates from U18, it’s an opportune moment to recognize Catherine’s tireless dedication and unwavering support throughout the years.
Catherine embodies the true spirit of the Wolverines, always donning a smile and offering her support to players, coaches, and fellow parents alike. Her positivity and enthusiasm contribute immensely to the Wolverine club’s atmosphere, fostering a sense of camaraderie and teamwork. Not only does Catherine provide unwavering support, but she also goes above and beyond to present the club favorably in all endeavors. Whether it’s coordinating logistics, organizing team events, or advocating for the club’s values, Catherine consistently represents the Wolverines with grace and professionalism. Through her positive attitude and proactive approach, Catherine has facilitated positive changes within the club, creating an environment where players thrive both on and off the ice.